Bathymetry noun/ˌbəˈθɪmətri/ the measurement of depth of water in oceans, seas, or lakes.

Welcome to this interactive 3D visualisation showing the bathymetry of the Lake District National Park! Take a dive into your favourite lakes by clicking on the buttons or panning around the map.

The data comes from historic bathymetric contours in Ordnance Survey's 1:50,000 maps. Thanks go to Jess Baker and Paul Naylor from OS's GeoDataViz team for their manual digitisation of the depth data, which appears in 10m increments.

The map was made with Sveltekit, Maplibre GL JS, and Blender. You can view the code on Github.

Inspired by William B Davis's fantastic visualisation of the Great Lakes!


The Bathymetry of the Lake District National Park

Choose a lake to explore!

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Designed and built by Mel Marochov, Data Scientist @ Ordnance Survey | Contains OS data © Crown copyright and database rights 2023